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Babe Ruth Baseball Leagues of Washington [BRLW]

[Encompassing former areas of Northern and Southern Washington Babe Ruth Leagues]


Dan Riley
Ridgefield, WA
H:  360-718-2324
Cel:  502-449-6004


Greetings to old and new friends of Babe Ruth League.  2021 was a year of great loss in Babe Ruth Baseball when Randy Boruff, long-time Commissioner for Northern Washington Babe Ruth Leagues passed away.  In addition to state and Region efforts, he was a significant contributor to the national efforts. 

In order to assist organizing Babe Ruth activities for the area within the Northern Washington, [in the wake of Randy’s loss] the Regional Commissioner, Brent Stenman, requested that I, Dan Riley, Southern Washington Babe Ruth Leagues [SWBRL] Commissioner, serve at the helm of a new, state-wide effort to promote the program.  I accepted the opportunity and have the effort to do so.

Our interim organization name is Babe Ruth Leagues of Washington [BRLW].  Our goal is to recruit local and District leadership and serve Babe Ruth organizations within their local geographical areas. In doing so, we aim to preserve the existing post-season opportunities provided to the prior Northern and Washington organizations.
  Our focus is team recruitment, league chartering, identifying Districts and conducting state tournaments.

This is a new look for our state.  Times are changing in Babe Ruth Baseball not only in Washington but nearby states.  I am anxious to meet with folks statewide to learn how we can provide the Babe Ruth experience in our state.  

Web Site changes:  The Northern Washington web site is being folded into the Southern Washington web site.  Information on leagues and Districts for both areas will be updated as our web site coordinator can receive it.  Input is requested and vital to serving Babe Ruth ball in Washington.

Who We Are: For folks new to Babe Ruth Baseball, BRLW represents Babe Ruth League, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation, in business since 1951. For decades, we have supported baseball for players 13-18 years old through local, independent, non-profit organizations serving as leagues.  Babe Ruth Leagues operate within local geographical boundaries reflecting parent[s] or guardian[s] residence.  We own no portion of and do not control internal affairs of local leagues except as they pertain to Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules.

A group of local leagues comprises a District.  In turn, a group of Districts comprises our State Organization.

Babe Ruth Organizations associated with Southern Washington Babe Ruth Baseball Leagues:

2021 Districts, District Commissioners, and Local league contacts:

District 1: Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, south Pacific County, and Wahkiakum Counties in Washington along with the St. Helens and Rainier School District in Oregon.

District 1 Commissioner:  Open

District 1 Leagues:  

*Camas-Washugal:   Tony Amberg, President     cwbaberuth@gmail.com
*Centerfield Baseball:  Will Block, President        wkiseblock@yahoo.com
*Kelso Babe Ruth:  Travis Keele, President         tkeele@northcoast.com
*Longview Babe Ruth:  Ryan Brown, Pres.          brewha6@gmail.com
*Southwest Wa. 16-18 BRL:  Dan Riley, Pres.     dan.riley1@comcast.net


District 2: Yakima County [South of Toppenish], Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Columbia, Asotin, and Garfield Counties. [Residents in and near Pullman play in Moscow, ID and residents of Clarkston, WA play in Lewiston, ID. 

District 2 Commissioner:

     Pat Barrett--Richland, WA
Email:  pkbarrett@charter.net

District 2 Leagues:

*Lower Valley:  Choncey Pena, Pres.          choncypena@hotmail.com

*Richland Babe Ruth, Pat Barrett, Pres.  pkbarrett@charter.net
*Three Rivers 16-18 Babe Ruth:   Pat Barrett, Pres.    pkbarrett@charter.net

District 3: Lewis County; Mason County; the Tenino,  Rochester,  North Thurston, Olympia, Griffin, Tumwater, Rainier and Yelm School Districts in Thurston County [including that part of the Yelm School District in Pierce County];  Eatonville School District of Pierce County; Grays Harbor County, and north Pacific County.

District 3 Commissioner:  Open

District 3 Leagues:

*Harbor Babe Ruth:  Brady Turner, Pres.      moparbrado@gmail.com
*Black Hill Youth Baseball: Jimmy Williams, Pres.   williams12jimmy@gmail.com 
*Mt. St. Helen's Babe Ruth:  Ricky Calhoun, Pres.  rickeycalhoun86@gmail.com
*Nisqually Basin Youth Baseball:  Greg Ireland, Pres.  nbyb.president@gmail.com
*Twin Cities Babe Ruth:  Bryan Porter, Pres.    twincitiesbaberuth@yahoo.com
*Twin Cities Senior Babe Ruth [16-18] Scott Guteschmidt, Pres.   gutscott@yahoo.com
[Previously SSSBR]

Babe Ruth Baseball organizations associated with Northern Washington Babe Ruth Leagues: