13 Year old State Tournament--2016

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*Check-In:  July 12 at Rister Stadium

1:00 PM...Kelso Host Team

1:30 PM...District 1 Champion

2:00 PM...District 3 Champion

2:30 PM...District 3 Runner Up

3:00 PM...District 2 Champion

3:30 PM...District 2 Runner Up

*Coaches' Meeting: July 12, 4:30pm at Stadium

*Opening Ceremonies: July 12, 6pm--Teams In Uniform


Game Dates:  July 13-17, 2016

Location:  Kelso, WA

Field Location: Rister Stadium

Tournament Officials:  

  Jack Laub  

  Dan Riley  

Tournament Director: Pat Connor  1-360-749-9240





Planned Game Times:  Pool Play--10 am, Noon, 4 pm, 7 pm

Sunday--10 am and 2 pm


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Game#1: Kelso 7-- KWRL 5

Game#2: Twin Cities 7-- Grays Harbor 5

Game#3:  Longview 12-- Richland 10

Game#4: Kelso 16-- Twin Cities 10  


Game#5:  KWRL 8-- Richland 3

Game#6:   Longview 6--Twin Cities 4

Game#7:  Kelso 15--Grays Harbor 3

Game#8:   KWRL 10--Longview 1


Game#9:   Richland 9--Twin Cities  8

Game#10:  Grays Harbor 8--KWRL 4 

Game#11:  Longview 13--Kelso 0

Game#12:  Richland 12--Grays Harbor 1


Game#13: Twin Cities 11--KWRL 9

Game#14: Longview 6--Grays Harbor 3 

Game#15: Richland 2--Kelso 1


Game#16: Richland 10--Kelso 4

Game#17: Richland 5--Longview 1


Richland is the 2016 State Champion and advances to Region Tournament.

Longview is a So. Wa. invitee to replace Wyoming in Region.


For Region Tournament Information, go to: